Summer Wedding at Holdsworth House

Summer Wedding at Holdsworth House

In July 2019 I was the photographer for a beautiful summer wedding at Holdsworth House in Halifax.

If you are getting married in and around the Halifax area Holdsworth House is definitely a venue to have a look at and consider.

The Venue

Jeannine and Dean tied the know on the hottest day of the year in the grounds of the beautiful Holdsworth House in Halifax.

As a West Yorkshire wedding photographer there are lots of beautiful venues around but I do think Holdsworth House is a bit special. The staff are extremely attentive and they always go above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Obviously the weather was perfect for this outside affair and all Jeannine and Dean’s family and friends were there to celebrate with them.

Jeannine and Dean

Jeannine and Dean are a wonderful couple. I have known Jeannine’s family for most of my life – we’re both from the same small town where everyone knows everyone. Dean I didn’t know before meeting to discuss their wedding plans but we soon worked out all the connections and who knew who! Have to be careful we could have ended up related!

They are so in love and seem to bring out the best in each other. Jeannine has a daughter and a son and the most adorable grandaughter – scroll down to see her!

The Day

The wedding was beautifully planned and made the most of the wonderful weather. The ceremony was outside in front of the main house. All family and friends were in their finery and looking awesome. The drinks were free flowing, happy people celebrated this great couple and it made for a wonderful and amazing day for everyone.

The day started with welcome drinks. The ceremony soon followed which was beautiful. After the ceremony the seats were cleared away and the guests relaxed outside in the sunshine sharing their best wishes and stories with the bride and groom. It was great to see so many people celebrating this wonderful day with Jeannine and Dean.

The Family

Dean looked handsome (ok slightly nervous before the ceremony) in his finery. Jeannine looked stunning in her white gown. It was clear to see the emotions of all who saw her (especially Dean) when she walked down the aisle with her father Kevin.

Gaberiella, Jeannine’s daughter followed her mum down the aisle accompanied by Arabella – seriously she’s the cutest thing ever! All dressed in the bridal style and looking amazing.

Jackson, Jeannine’s son looked particularly dapper in his suit and accompanied his grandmother Margaret down the aisle. Margaret (The Duchess) always looks the absolute bomb.

This family certainly are a dream come true for a photographer.


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