About Me

How did it all begin?

Rebecca was 10 when she was gifted with her first camera. It was an Olympus Trip, (a filmy developy one) picked out by her uncle Martin. She took it everywhere and wide-eyed, loved to snap her surroundings. The Tom boy in her sought out bugs – close up! The girly girl in her loved capturing daisies, oh, and she also had a thing about taking photos of people in hats!

Who is Rebecca?

Rebecca uses her excellent communication skills and extensive contacts – Hair stylists, makeup artists and set stylists, to create bespoke, styled shoots. Whilst retaining commerciality that is essential in her field, Rebecca is fearless and seeks fresh, quirky, indoor and outdoor spaces to provide the perfect backdrop to her shoots. Her props are far from generic and are hired, stolen and borrowed from friends, collectors and secret contacts!

Her portfolio oozes versatility and includes weddings, portraits, styled shoots, newborn family, product, company headshots, parties and events.

She is a 360 degree, 100%, photography geek and she would love to work with you.

What else is there to know?

A flash unit was the next piece of kit and she got excited with the fantastic whirring noise it made when it fired up. It was tool love! Later she felt that everything looked better in black and white, (and still does to a degree) so pocket money was spent on a black and white film. She started to develop her own reels when she started high school and the geek in her was ignited! Rebecca still has the Olympus and uses it from time to time.

Fast forward to present day and Rebecca loves the freedom of digital photography. The cost of developing the film as a youngster was prohibitive to extensive experimentation. Her forge into professional photography and continuous development demand experimentation. She finds that editing is as much a part of producing “the” finished shot as the initial time spent with a model or bride, getting their feet dusty in a field of long grass.