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What not to base your wedding photographer decision on

Day isn’t plural.

That means that your wedding day is only going to happen once.

Whilst this isn’t an English lesson, the point is that you need to make sure your wedding day is perfect the first time around, because it’s only going to happen one time. Although it is daunting to hear it, you need to make sure that when you’re choosing elements of your wedding, you choose them correctly.

This point is even more prevalent when it comes to choosing and booking your wedding photographer: you only have one opportunity to choose the right photographer, and the work that said photographer creates is going to be the lasting representative of your wedding.

With that in mind, here’s a few things not to say, consider or allow to be a deciding factor when choosing the right wedding photographer.

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One: ‘They’re cheap’

The worst possible aspect to take into consideration when you’re choosing your wedding photographer is whether they’re cheap or not.

I debated putting this point in since costs are obviously a big consideration for most people. Unless you have a limitless budget – you’re very lucky if you do! – you need to be aware of expenses. However, that doesn’t mean that you should hire somebody solely due to the fact that they’re cheap; you don’t want to be left with rubbish photographs just because you wanted to cut costs.

Two: ‘Oh, the venue recommended them’

Picked a venue? Check. Booked the date? Check. Hired and worked with everybody they’ve recommended? Hopefully not check.

Whilst the list of recommended photographers from the venue gives you a head start when you’re choosing your wedding photographer, it’s daft to pick somebody just because the venue said they’re good.

This doesn’t just go down to whether you like their style or not; they might not even be any good. ‘How does that work?’ you might ask. Just because the venue is recommending them, it doesn’t mean that they’re any good. The venue could just be recommending them because they’re friends with them. More mischievously, venues could even ‘deals’ with photographers so that they have to recommend them, regardless of what they actually think to them. All of this is worth consideration before choosing a photographer based simply on venue recommendation.

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Three: ‘Oh, my friend will do the photographs for us!’

How friendly! You should certainly take your friend up on their offer, right?

Maybe not.

Just because they’re your friend (and possibly taking the photographs free or at a discount) doesn’t mean that they’re the best person to do the photography at your wedding.

Here’s a few things worth considering:

  • Are they an experienced photographer? Yes, they’re your friend and yes, their camera looks posh. This doesn’t mean that they’re any good at photography. And even if they have photography experience, there’s no guarantee that they have any experience with weddings – and that takes a look of experience, trust me.
  • Are you willing to risk your friendship to save some money or time? By allowing them to become your wedding photographer, you’re risking your friendship if anything went wrong. This applies to family members, too. Is it really worth risking relationships with close friends and family just to save some money?

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