Website Photography: Why you need to get it right

Website Photography: Why you need to get it right

Websites aren’t cheap, so when it comes to creating your website, you want to ensure that you get it right. That means you want to make sure you have the right copy, the right web address and the right colour scheme. There’s one thing that people often don’t value, however. The importance of website photography! Making sure that you have the right photographs is clearly very important or it can leave your website looking poor, more than likely resulting in it not providing any sales for you. After all, I’m sure you’ve all heard the cliched sayings about how valuable pictures are in any context. So, why do you need to get your website photography right?

Professional look

Frankly, having professional website photography makes your website look better. Whilst you might not be too fussed about how this aspect of your website looks, it’s important as some – actually, most – people will be put off by bad quality images. If people are put off by your images, this almost guarantees that they’re not going to purchase anything from you or get in touch with you. This obviously presents a situation where your website isn’t going to help you to make money despite the significant investment that having a website created was.


In business, reputation is obviously an important concept. Without a good reputation, you’re certain to find it very difficult to succeed, which is why the majority of small businesses collapse within the space of 18 months. Considering that, having a bad reputation is even worse. If somebody visits your website and it’s a mess because the photography isn’t even of an adequate standard, you’re sure to quickly have a bad reputation that your business will find it very difficult to shake. Whilst just professional photography isn’t going to get you a good reputation overnight, it does play its part in building your reputation.


As I’ve already vaguely covered, if your website’s photography is poor, you’re not going to get people lining up to work with you, especially if you specialise in a crowded industry. Obviously, the aim of your business is likely to be to make money, so if you aren’t selling anything, you’re not going to be making the money that you need to make. If you’ve already paid somebody to make a website for you, why wouldn’t you then pay somebody to take professional photographs for you? The outlay for a website is big enough but if you don’t have professional photography to back it up, then it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to make money.

Demonstrates you do a good job

No matter what industry you specialise in, a good website – specifically good photography – can demonstrate what a good job your business does. For example, if you work in construction, high quality pictures of what you have constructed can really help your business prospects. If you have bad pictures, people aren’t going to be impressed with your work. This means that they’re simply not going to work with you. Demonstrating that you can do a good job through pictures is much easier than it is to do so through words.


In the end, these reasons all effectively merge into one. So, do you want your business to be over before it has begun? If the answer to that question is no, then make sure that your website photography is good before it’s too late to correct your mistakes of not having it done. Are you looking for somebody to do your website photography? You can get in touch with me today on the number 07763 610055 to discuss what you require and book!