What you need for the perfect marquee wedding

What you need for the perfect marquee wedding

If you’ve decided that your wedding is going to be hosted inside a marquee, you’re starting with a blank canvas. It’s the complete opposite of a venue that already has personality and objects inside of it that you can’t rearrange or change; a marquee comes with nothing but space and a roof over your head. This is a fantastic opportunity, but also daunting. So, what do you need to turn your marquee from a barren room to an amazing wedding venue?

Wedding marquee hire: Dancefloor

One of the go-to options for kicking the party off, hiring a dancefloor is a popular addition to any wedding reception – your wedding marquee should have one, too! There’s all sorts of different dancefloors available, depending on what suits your marquee and theme best. Do you think chequered would suit your marquee best? It’s an option. Would you prefer a beautiful white LED dancefloor? You could have that too. There’s so many options available that there’s sure to be something for everybody.

Wedding marquee hire: Flooring

Another crucial aspect of your marquee to ensure the event plays out as well as possible, flooring for your marquee is something that you want to prioritise hiring. Whilst you won’t need to have flooring for your marquee all year around, you don’t want your guests to be walking in sticky mud if there has been rain on the grass in the preceding days. This would be a sure-fire way to spoil your event! With flooring, you can not only protect your guests but make sure that your event runs smoothly.

Wedding marquee hire: Lighting

Do you want to create a specific mood at your event, but the lighting externally doesn’t offer the effect that you’re looking for? This is easily resolved by having your own lighting. With your own lighting, you can completely transform a boring marquee and turn it into something that exceeds your wildest expectations. There’s many different types of lighting that you can have for your event, with the following just been a couple of examples: brass chandeliers, clear chandeliers, pin spotlights and colour flush lighting. All of these options mean that there’s something for every event, no matter what you want to emphasise.

Wedding marquee hire: Linings

Undoubtedly stylish, wedding marquee linings can transform your marquee from average to sophisticated and unique. There’s all sorts of linings available to match the theme that you want at your event. One of the most popular types of lining is Ivory pleated. Fitted on the inside of the marquee, it offers a classy finish to the existing space to impress your guests. Black starcloths is another popular option which can be fitted over the dancefloor and stage, even the whole marquee if that appeals to you.

Wedding marquee hire: Tables and chairs

Your marquee is currently lots of empty space, but that is easily filled by hiring tables and chairs. As well as filling up wasted space, there’s also many other benefits to having tables and chairs inside of your marquee. Chairs mean that your guests can sit down whilst you focus on hosting your big day. After all, nobody wants to be stood up for the whole day. The advantage of having tables is that you can all enjoy a fantastic meal, which is likely to be one of the highly-anticipated aspects of the entire day. There’s many different options in terms of chairs and tables for your marquee. There’s many different colours, finishes and designs available so, as with the previous points, you can pick what suits your event the best.

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