Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography

Leeds Town Hall Wedding Photography

I’ve always loved Leeds Town Hall, it is one of those grand buildings that I could stand and gaze at and lose myself for moments. When I was booked for a wedding here with also a chance for photos at Kirkstall Abbey I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. What a fab wedding this was going to be. The reception was being held at The Leeds Club which I hadn’t been to before but turned out to be a great city centre venue in walking distance from the Town Hall which is exactly what the wedding party did in all their finery.

I met Naomi, the bride, a few times prior to the wedding and on her special day I met her and her ‘prep’ team at the hotel early in the morning. I even rescued the prep playlist issue – Deezer thanks for that! I do like to help wherever I can on the day, an extra pair of hands are often needed whether it be buttoning up, lacing, pinning or being in charge of the music, I have turned my hand to most of these at one time or another.

After taking images of all the girls getting ready I headed out to meet the boys. They were supposed to meet me on the steps of the Town Hall in time to get some shots prior to the wedding, but boys being boys they got slightly delayed…… in the pub! No panic, we just altered things around and I caught them on camera a little later after the ceremony.

The Town Hall was also home to a gin festival that day so the place which literally buzzing, the atmosphere was great and really suited this fun couple who were tying the knot.

The registrar was lovely, I’d worked with her before and it really does make a difference to the photographer if the Registrar is flexible with where I stand etc.

The ceremony was lovely and although Gareth, the groom, looked very nervous it all went without a hitch, well apart from the fact that they got hitched!!

As I mentioned earlier we hot footed it then down to The Leeds Club, well after Naomi sensibly changed into her custom made wedding sneakers! Girls are smart from Leeds 🙂 They met all their guests as they entered and the meal and speeches were fabulous.

We had a slot at Kirkstall Abbey (as Naomi worked with them) so we jumped in a taxi with a Bridesmaid to help and took some time to take some shots in this wonderful historic ruin that is a must visit if you are ever in Leeds. We were tight on time though as the staff had stayed open for her and were wanting to go home asap. At one point we thought they’d gone and locked us in – only a moment of panic before we spotted the last employee just checking the grounds. They told us we were ok for 10 minutes so I shot quickly and go some lovely shots in this amazing setting.

Back at The Leeds Club I made sure to take images of all the guests particularly the pub lot who were lots of fun and then left them partying the night away into the early hours. A wonderful day all in all for a wonderful couple.