Cake Smash Photo Shoots – 4 Tips

Cake Smash Photo Shoots – 4 Tips to prepare for yours

Cake smash photography is something that I am getting asked to do more and more. I think it is a great way to capture your little one’s for their birthday.

Here’s a few tips to help you prepare for your cake smash session with Rebecca Fearn Photography.

Tip 1 - Planning the outfits

The way a cake smash session is usually structured involve three main elements (these can be changed if you are wanting something different). First element is clean cute little girl or boy sporting their most dashing outfit – you could always include things like a crown/tiara or bowtie. So plan the clean outfit you want the first images taken in.

The second element is the cake smash part, you can of course use the same outfit if you want. It is an opportunity to have a change of look and use a different cute outfit. Ensure it is an outfit you are less bothered if it gets covered in cake and frosting. Believe me it will get covered in cake and frosting. Use a simple outfit that co-ordinates with the cake colour or design.

The third element you don’t even have to worry about unless you want a little clip in the hair or something as this is the getting clean part. In a tin bath or similar cute prop they can splash around in fabulous bubbles until their heart’s content. No stress of what outfit to wear, or you could use a cute little swimming outfit.

Tip 2 - Props

At Rebecca Fearn Photography I do have a number of props that I can bring to the cake smash photo shoot that we can use. Dependent on what we’ve arrange there may be theme specific props included in your shoot.

If however you are wanting to bring other props do keep them as simple as possible. I will be shooting some images that show the whole scene and others from different angles and close up which may crop some of the props out.

Simple props such as balloons, bubbles, colourful simply toys work really well. If you need any advice though or you have a scene in mind just discuss this with me when we talk about your session before the day.

Tip 3 - Bring the funniest person your little one knows

I do pride myself on the fact that I can make most children laugh (must have a funny looking face ha ha) but most of the time I have a big camera in front of my face so it can be difficult to be entertainer and photographer all of the time.

I always advise people to bring with them that family member or friend that your bundle of joy finds hilarious. They can then literally stay right at the side of me as I shoot and make a total idiot of themselves to ensure we get those big smiles and giggles captured during your session. So whether it’s a crazy Uncle, a silly Nana or a noisy Grandpa make sure you invite them along to your cake smash photo shoot. Honestly they love it.

Tip 4 - Keep calm and don’t be nervous

I am including this as a tip for a cake smash photo shoot but it is a tip for any shoot that includes your children especially babies and young ones. If you feel nervous and stressed they can usually feel it.

Don’t worry if they do not smile in the first 10 seconds let them be themselves and relax into the session. If you worry or show concern they will definitely pick up on this and it won’t help.

Relax, enjoy the session and everything will be fabulous I promise. Worst case scenario if they are just not feeling it or are not themselves and we cannot get images you will love I will rearrange with you for another day. So relax and don’t panic!! Enjoy the session it’s for everyone involved to have a good time and make some memories in the process.

I hope these tips help you when you are considering or getting ready for a cake smash photo shoot and as always if you have any questions or any other tips to offer then please do not hesitate to get in touch, I love to chat to you guys.


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