Falling into place: Tips for Autumn Wedding Photography

Falling into Place: Tips for Autumn Wedding Photography

As a season with an unmatchable colour palette, autumn is always a popular time for weddings. Falling leaves and hints of frost provide a counterpoint to the new life awaiting a happy couple, framing their transition from one state into another.

If you’re currently planning an autumn wedding, we thought we’d throw our two cents into crafting fairy-tale photographs that you’ll treasure for years to come. Read on for a few expert tips on autumn wedding photography.

The Spectrum of Fire

The autumn months are a collage of reds, browns, oranges and scorched yellows. This fiery setting can make for some startling contrasts in a wedding photo – a background of bristling autumnal trees, for instance, can highlight the pale hue of the bride’s dress and flicker around the dark morning suit of the groom.

Posing next to an old, atmospheric tree is ideal, since you don’t want anyone to be overwhelmed looking at the background instead of those smiling faces. Any blowing leaves caught in the picture will be amazing too; they’ll float like confetti over the frame.

Doing More with Less

Autumn signals shorter days with less light to play with, which can be a problem for photography if you time your wedding photos wrong. To avoid poor lighting being a problem, make sure you discuss your schedule for the big day with your photographer. They will ensure you have the best possible chance of securing a soft, natural light when posing for those important bride and groom shots.

It Won’t Be a Breeze

Similarly, the colder months have a tendency to bring gusts of wind when we least expect it. Although it’s not a massive deal, it pays to be mindful of how the weather can affect your shots.

It’s important to convince any subjects to be patient, ideally shooting somewhere protected from the breeze in a secure staging area. Knowing where to stand is also crucial: the bride’s windswept hair can look ravishing and poetic in the half-dimmed sun, but only if it’s not streaking across her mouth and eyes.

Bunker Down

If conditions really are atrocious outside, staging photos indoors is the only option. Reserving a room in the church or reception venue, stocked with autumnal flowers, is a great backup plan. Be creative with how you imagine this stage to be, and it’ll no doubt inspire your photographer to dabble in saturation, shading and interesting angles, bottling the season’s inspirational quality in a package of shots that you will treasure.

Summer’s decline presents so much artistic potential for wedding photography. An experienced professional photographer knows how to manipulate the season to your benefit, and will be committed to creating beautiful photos that capture the essence of your special day.

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