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10 things to do to enjoy a stress-free wedding

The day of your wedding is presumed to be one of the most stressful days of your life. Why should your wedding day be one of the most stressful? Surely it should be one of the most enjoyable and memorable for good reasons, not bad ones. If you’re looking to have a stress-free wedding, our guide is sure to guide you to making the most of your day.


This might seem obvious and that’s why it’s a wonder that more people don’t do it! Planning can make the day go by so much easier. Doing something simple like making a timeline can ease your mind a bit when thinking about the day. If you know where you need to be and at what time, you’ll find that the experience is much better.

Take time off:

Again, this may seem obvious, but taking time off is important. Yes, take off a day or two before your wedding but also take time off 7 or 8 days before. This will give you time to sort important tasks close enough to your wedding, but not in the heat of the moment the day before. This will make your time much more productive as you won’t be panicking about the wedding the next day.

Hire help:

Especially on your wedding day, the bride or groom are not going to have the time to do jobs – it’s a day where you should also be like a guest, not a member of staff. This means that if there is stuff that needs doing, then hire help. It won’t be too expensive for one day and it’ll take huge amounts of stress off you.

Give yourself plenty of time to get dressed:

Of course, getting dressed is the most important thing about your wedding day. That means that before you get down to relaxing, you need to make sure that you’ve left plenty of time to get changed and get hair & makeup done. You’ll be a lot less stressed once you’re ready in your dress or suit.


If you followed the previous point about hiring help, there shouldn’t be much left to do but whether you hired help or not, don’t be scared do delegate. People understand that this is a day where you should be relaxing and enjoying yourself so they won’t be upset that you need to delegate some small jobs to them. As long as you don’t delegate walking up the aisle to them, all should be ok!


Another that might seem obvious but is never done is eat! Despite the adrenaline that will be going through your body, eating is very important on your wedding day. You don’t want to be tired and hungry before the ceremony. It takes 5 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal or some toast – You can spare 5 minutes in your schedule.

Don’t rush:

In any environment, rushing means mistakes. You woke up 10 minutes late on a work day so you rush to get ready for the bus – this NEVER works. The same applies to your wedding day. Take it slowly and don’t start rushing things that you must do and you should be fine. If you rush on your wedding day, things are bound to go wrong. Don’t let this happen to you!

Don’t leave any arrangements until the day:

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is making travel arrangements the day of your wedding. No wonder people get stressed! One of the most important things is getting to the venue so make sure that you have arranged all of this in advance so you don’t have to worry about this on the day; It’ll make it much easier for you!

Listen to music that’ll get you going and relax you at the same time:

On your wedding day, one of the best things that you can do is listen to music. Music is known for its relaxing qualities so it’s perfect on your wedding day when high stress levels are possible. If you do listen to music though, don’t pick something that’s just going to soothe you. Make sure that the music you listen to is something that’s going to motivate you to get up and get a move on! This will allow you to avoid stress whilst doing what needs to be done.

Have alone time with your partner:

What could be more stress-free than having some alone time with your partner? Of course, you must follow traditional rules about when and when not to see your partner on your wedding day but when you’re allowed to see them, make the most of it! Take 10 minutes to yourselves because this day is about you. Once you’ve had chance to talk about all the exhilarating day, re-join the festivities!

That’s our 10 things that you must do to enjoy a stress-free wedding day! What are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect day now!